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Larrivee' Guitars

Jean Larrivee' builds a fantastic guitar, and we are very proud to offer them to you at the best prices possible!  We are offering the lowest prices available on new Larrivee guitars.  We still include free shipping in the continental US, a complimentary setup, and as always, NO SALES TAX!  You pay the low price listed on our pricelist, and nothing more!  You can afford a great guitar!

The Larrivee Guitar Company is building some of the finest acoustic guitars available today.  Jean Larrivee began building guitars in the late 1960's.   Following the tradition of European classical guitar builders, Jean designed his own distinctive shape, bracing patterns, and structural specifications. His first steel strings were small dreadnoughts, braced in the Martin style, with an elongated X (the "railway crossing sign" design) and tone bars running at about a 45 degree angle.  Jean has continued to be an innovator in the Acoustic Guitar industry.  Today, Larrivee builds instruments that are unsurpassed in tone and quality.  They are more affordable than most of their competition, and offer better appointments, fit and finish.  If you already own a Larrivee guitar you know the incredible value they are.  If you are still looking for your first Larrivee, you won't find a better instrument, or a better place to buy it.  We are dedicated to bringing you the lowest prices on Larrivee Guitars.





Notable Guitars Is The #1 Larrivee Guitar Dealer In The United States FOR 2013!

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Larrivee LV-05 Mahogany!
Awesome Mahogany L Body!

The Larrivee L body is supremely balanced.  It is the "can-do" guitar, easily moving from fingerstyle to flatpicking, to strumming, etc.  It has a 1 3/4" nut width, 25.5" scale length, and is made with superb all-solid South American mahogany back and sides, with a beautiful solid spruce top.  Like all Larrivee's, it has real wood body binding, genuine ebony fingerboard and bridge, and impeccable fit and finish.  This guitar is a great choice for the performer needing the ability to play all different styles of music without sacrificing tone or performance.  This guitar is not equipped with electronics but we can add them for an additional charge.  See for yourself why the "L" should be your go-to guitar!
Larrivee Custom SD-03V! Custom SD with Venetian Cutaway!
Now JUST $1599!

Awesome Custom 03 Series Guitar!

This is an awesome Larrivee SD-03 with Venetian Cutaway.  The SD-03 is a 12 fret, sloped dreadnaught that is great for flatpicking and strumming, but will also surprise you with its fingerstyle ability.  It has a 1 7/8" nut width, and standard scale length of 25.5".  The SD-50 and SD-60 are very popular instruments, but the price makes them a bit our of reach for some. The SD-03 makes for a very affordable SD, and the venetian cutaway gives back some of the fretboard access you lose with the 12 fret neck.  Larrivee only made a few of these very cool SD-03Vs, and we were only able to get one.  If you like the vintage vibe and tone of a 12 fret sloped dread, you will love this SD-03V.  

Larrivee P-03 All Koa Parlor!


$2695 list, On Sale for $1699!  Call for more information on these fantastic guitars!

I am always on the lookout for cool and unusual guitars, and I am always bothering Larrivee with requests for high-end woods to use for custom orders.  When my rep told me that they had some koa available I jumped at the chance to build some great guitars at an affordable price point.  This is one of the batch I ordered, an all-koa P-03. It features all solid Hawaiian Koa for the back, sides, and top.  Koa is probably my favorite tone wood, it is so beautiful, and has a great, crisp tone that really rings and rings.  This little parlor is so addictive, and it is very unusual to see an all-koa guitar, especially at this price.  The parlor is a fantastic little guitar, and they sell really well. This is your chance to get something really special that you can treasure for a lifetime. Like all Larrivee parlors, it has the 1.75" nut width and 24" scale length.  This is too much fun!


Larrivee D40 Legacy Series Rosewood Dreadnaught!
Back In Stock! Get Yours Today!
$1899 List Price, on Sale $1399!

This is an awesome Larrivee D-40 rosewood, with a beautiful sitka Spruce top.  The Larrivee 40 Series offers all the traditional series styling you read about in the OM-40, with the same scalloped bracing, bone nut and saddle, and vintage open back tuners that really make this guitar stand out.  The D-40 is an awesome rosewood dread, with huge projection and great rosewood tone.  If you like a big sounding dread with great low end but not boomy and unbalanced, the D-40 is for you!  You won't find these kinds of appointments and top quality woods and hand-scalloped construction from any other builder at close to this price!  
   Larrivee D40 Legacy Series Mahogany Dreadnaught!
$1699 List Price, on Sale $1274!  

This is another Larrivee D-40, but with mahogany back and sides and a beautiful sitka Spruce top.  This guitar offers all of the great features of the D-40 Rosewood but with the warmer tone of South American Mahogany.  If you like a big sounding dread with great low end but not boomy and unbalanced, the D-40 is for you!  You won't find these kinds of appointments and top quality woods and hand-scalloped construction from any other builder at close to this price!  
Larrivee Custom L-03 All Peruvian Walnut JCL Edition!
JUST $1699!
Awesome Custom L-03 with Walnut Back, Sides, and Top!

This is an awesome Larrivee L-03 made of all Peruvian Walnut!  Larrivee did a small run of 03 Series guitars in Peruvian walnut and I ordered some in every body style.  They were all excellent, with great tone and beautiful appearance.  Larrivee told me they were going to make a very small run of L-03s with Peruvian Walnut back, sides, and top, and I jumped at the chance to order some.  They paired them with the JCL upgrades, giving it the JCL headstock logo, bone nut and saddle, herringbone trim, upgraded JCL engraved tuners, and a signed label.  The 03 Series give you everything you need for great tone but with more subtle appointments that help keep the price affordable.  This L-03 has a 1 3/4" nut width, 25.5" scale length, and all solid Peruvian Walnut back and sides, solid Peruvian Walnut top, and solid ebony fingerboard and bridge.  These are beautiful guitars that sound as good as they look.  Don't miss your opportunity to get one of these special guitars! 

Larrivee D-10E! 
JUST $2699!
Awesome Custom 10 Series with LR Baggs Anthem Stage Pro Electronics!

This is an awesome Larrivee D-10E with beautiful solid rosewood back and sides, and an equally superb sitka spruce top.  The D-10 is Larrivee's top of the line dreadnaught, using their highest grade woods, presentation inlays, and full abalone purfling.  The Anthem Stage Pro is one of the best electronics packages available today, with two separate pickups, and an onboard tuner.  This is a very powerful dreadnaught, and one that you will love to look at as much as you love to play it.  
Sale Price $1999!
Larrivee D-03 Flame Maple with Custom Cherry Sunburst!

Awesome Guitar! Beautiful Rosewood Back!

This is an awesome Larrivee D-03 Flame Maple done in a beautiful Cherry Sunburst finish.  This D-03 Flame Maple Cherry Sunburst is a very strong guitar, with great projection, good low end, and great clarity.  The maple is very highly flamed, and the cherry sunburst finish is superb.  In almost 10 years of selling Larrivee Guitars I have only had two cherry sunburst acoustics, and both were much more expensive guitars in the 50 Series and the 09 Series.  This is the first time they have done one on a D-03, and the flame maple just makes it that much more awesome!  This D-03 Flame Maple Cherry Sunburst has a 1 11/16" nut width, 25.5" scale length, and all solid flamed maple back and sides, solid spruce top, and solid ebony fingerboard and bridge.  This is a beautiful guitar that sounds as good as it looks.  Don't miss your opportunity to get this special limited edition guitar!  

LV-10!  They Don't Get Much Nicer!

$4363 list, On Sale for $2549!  Call for more information on this fantastic guitar!

The 10 Series is the top of the Larrivee line.  Jean Larrivee selects the woods for the 10 Series, and oversees their construction.  These are nicely appointed with deluxe fretboard inlays, bridge wing inlays, and full abalone top purfling.  The solid rosewood back and sides are very beautiful, and the spruce top is very uniform.  This is a gorgeous guitar that sounds as good as it looks.  The 1 3/4" nut width and 25.5" scale length, combined with the signature Larrivee parabolic bracing makes this a supremely responsive, highly versatile instrument. This is a great deal on a great guitar!  

Larrivee L-03 Rosewood Deluxe with Fretboard and Bridge Wing Inlays!
 On Sale $1399!

This is an awesome Larrivee L-03 Rosewood with Deluxe fretboard and bridge wing inlays.  The L-03R is a superb instrument, with all solid rosewood for the back and sides, and a beautiful solid spruce top.  This guitar is part of a custom run of "Deluxe" guitars that featured 10 Series style inlays, but made of wood instead of abalone.  It really gives the guitar a beautiful, and yet still understated aesthetic.  If you want a superb, high quality instrument that you can enjoy for a lifetime and not break the bank, this is the one for you!                                 

Larrivee SD-03 Mahogany with Italian Spruce Top!!                                                                              
$1399.00 - Actual Price!
The Larrivee Slope Dreadnaught is a fantastic guitar with lots of versatility.  It is a smaller dread shape, and has a full size body depth, making it great for flatpicking and strumming.  It has a 1 3/4" nut width, making it very good for fingerstyle as well.  The SD is normally only offered in the much more expensive 50 and 60 Series, and with a 1 7/8" nut width.  This is too wide for some, so this guitar with the narrower nut width and affordable price tag is sure to be a winner.  There was only one of these available, so don't miss your chance to own a great slope dreadnaught at a fraction of the usual cost!