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Larrivee' Guitars

Jean Larrivee' builds a fantastic guitar, and we are very proud to offer them to you at the best prices possible!  We are offering the lowest prices available on new Larrivee guitars.  We still include free shipping in the continental US, a complimentary setup, and as always, NO SALES TAX!  You pay the low price listed on our pricelist, and nothing more!  You can afford a great guitar!

The Larrivee Guitar Company is building some of the finest acoustic guitars available today.  Jean Larrivee began building guitars in the late 1960's.   Following the tradition of European classical guitar builders, Jean designed his own distinctive shape, bracing patterns, and structural specifications. His first steel strings were small dreadnoughts, braced in the Martin style, with an elongated X (the "railway crossing sign" design) and tone bars running at about a 45 degree angle.  Jean has continued to be an innovator in the Acoustic Guitar industry.  Today, Larrivee builds instruments that are unsurpassed in tone and quality.  They are more affordable than most of their competition, and offer better appointments, fit and finish.  If you already own a Larrivee guitar you know the incredible value they are.  If you are still looking for your first Larrivee, you won't find a better instrument, or a better place to buy it.  We are dedicated to bringing you the lowest prices on Larrivee Guitars.





Notable Guitars Is The #1 Larrivee Guitar Dealer In The United States FOR 2013!

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Larrivee OM-03 Zebrawood Edition! Austrian Top!

Awesome Larrivee Zebrawood OM-03 with Austrian Spruce Top!

This is an awesome Larrivee OM-03 in beautiful Zebrano back and sides, with a very sweet Austrian Spruce top.  Larrivee built a small run of Zebrawood Custom guitars a few years ago and they were superb.  They ran out of wood before filling all the orders, so I was not able to get all of the instruments I ordered.  The good news is they received some more exquisite Zebrano, so they filled my order!  This OM-03 is very resonant, and has a very strong tone.  I don't usually make a lot of claims about certain instruments being "the best" or anything like that because sound is so subjective.  That being said, in my opinion this OM-03 ZW is one of the best sounding Larrivee OMs I have had in a while.  It is a really, really nice instrument.  

Larrivee P-01 International Space Station Edition!

Awesome Larrivee P-01 Mahogany Parlor!

A Larrivee P-01 was carried aboard the International Space Station, and it was a popular addition to the crew.  Astronaut Chris Hadfield even recorded some music while he was aboard the ISS, and the P-01 was the perfect companion for this event.  Larrivee decided to reissue the P-01 in honor of this historic event, and even had Cmdr. Chris Hadfield sign the labels on these great little guitars.  This P-01 comes with a certificate of authenticity, a CD of music by Cmdr Chris Hadfield, the Larrivee hardshell case, and a full lifetime warranty.  This is an outstanding little guitar, and the special edition appointments make it that much better.  This is the last one, unfortunately.  

Larrivee OM-40 with Ice Tea Burst!
The Color is Very Hard to Photograph.  They Look Even Better in Person!
Awesome Custom Mahogany OM-40!
 #2 of 12!

This is an awesome Larrivee OM-40 mahogany with spruce top, 14 fret neck, 25.5" scale length, and full Ice Tea Burst finish!  I love the look of these Ice Tea Bursts, they just ooze vintage vibe-ness, if that's even a word.  If not, I just coined a new one!  The OM-40 is a fantastic guitar, and the 14 fret neck allows greater access to the upper frets. Get your hands on this sweet little OM today!     

Larrivee J-09 Rosewood! Luscious Jumbo Tone! Bigger Can Be Better!

Now JUST $1999!  

This is an awesome Larrivee J-09 in beautiful East Indian Rosewood with a beautiful sitka spruce top.  You don't see as many jumbos as you used to, which is a shame.  Part of the reason is the jumbo requires a larger wood set than other body styles, and it is harder to find superb, high end wood sets large enough to build a great jumbo.  This one has very beautiful solid East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, and a superb solid sitka spruce top.  It has a 1 3/4" nut width, and a 25.5" scale length.  This incredible instrument has the tone to match its' great looks, and will definitely fill the room with rich rosewood tone.  If you like a larger guitar, this one should be in your arsenal!     

Larrivee D-40 American Black Walnut with Gloss Finish Top!
Amazing Custom 40 Series, Look At That Walnut Back!
Now JUST $1499! 
Awesome Custom Black Walnut D-40!

This is another sweet guitar in the American Walnut series.  A superb D-40 in American Black Walnut with a superb, straight grained spruce top, 14 fret neck, 25.5" scale length, and gloss finish top!  The American Walnut is very beautiful, and has a very articulate, strong tone.  This Black Walnut falls between mahogany and rosewood to my ears.  It has more low end than mahogany, but not as many overtones as rosewood.  It is very vibrant and sounds superb. Get your hands on this awesome dreadnaught!      

Larrivee Custom OM-40 12 Fret with Ice Tea Sunburst!
The Color is Very Hard to Photograph.  They Look Even Better in Person!
Now JUST $1699!
Awesome Custom 40 Series Guitar!
#3 of 12!

Another awesome Larrivee OM-40 mahogany with spruce top, 12 fret neck, 25.5" scale length, and full Ice Tea Burst finish!  The OM-40 is a fantastic guitar, and with the 12 fret neck and burst finish it is really something special. You need a new blues box, you

Larrivee Custom LV-02 Mahogany in Vintage Ice Tea Sunburst!
I ordered a large batch of 40 Series mahogany guitars in this beautiful Vintage Ice Tea Sunburst Finish, and Larrivee added a very sweet LV-02 to the mix.  This guitar features solid mahogany back and sides, solid spruce top, ebony fingerboard and bridge, and the Coup de Grace', beautifully finished in Vintage Ice Tea Sunburst.  I love the Ice Tea Burst, it just oozes a cool and vintage vibe.  This is the only LV-02 coming with the Ice Tea Burst, so don't miss out!

Larrivee OMV-40 Torch Edition!


On Sale Now for $1499!  Call for more information on this fantastic guitar!

This guitar is unique on many different levels.  First, and most obviously, it has a custom Torch headstock, which I love.  Second, it is a cutaway OM-40, which Larrivee really doesn't offer as a standard model.  This provides greater access to the upper frets, making for a very versatile instrument.  The OMV-40 has a 1 3/4" nut width and 25.5" scale length.  It features high grade South American Mahogany back and sides, and a very nice Sitka spruce top.  These Torch Editions are sure to sell quickly, so get yours before they are all gone!


Larrivee D-04 Rosewood Dreadnaught!
$2263 List Price, on Sale $1499!

This is an awesome Larrivee D-04 rosewood, with a beautiful sitka Spruce top.  The Larrivee 04 Series offers all the same high-end woods and tone of the D-09, but with satin finish back and sides to keep the price more affordable.  The gloss finish top is very nice, and the rosewood back is very beautiful.  The D-04 is an awesome rosewood dread, with huge projection and great rosewood tone.  If you like a big sounding dread with great low end but not boomy and unbalanced, you should check out this D-04!  You won't find another rosewood dreadnaught of this quality at close to this price!  
Larrivee DV-40RE Rosewood Legacy Series with Electronics!
Retail Price $2423, On Sale for $1699!
Check Out That Beautiful Rosewood Back!

This is another awesome Larrivee Legacy Series guitar.  This is also the first DV-40 I have had the pleasure to have in the shop.  The D-40R is a tremendous guitar, with great presence, low end response, and clarity.  The Venetian cutaway gives greater access to the upper frets and the LR Baggs Element onboard system is a great sounding performance package.  It also includes the onboard tuner!  If you like cool guitars you will love this one.  
Larrivee P-03 in African Zebrawood!
Just $1249!
Awesome Larrivee Parlor!

We sell a ton of parlor guitars, and with good reason.  They are so much fun to play, easy to fret, and super portable.  The Larrivee parlor is a very high quality guitar, using only high end woods and construction techniques, and the short scale length of 24" makes for very easy fretting.  The P-03 is a wonderful small-body guitar, with all solid woods and great playability.  Jean Larrivee did a small run of these fantastic guitars in amazing African Zebrawood, and they are stunning!  They have a tone that is similar to mahogany, but with a touch more low end.  I haven't had a zebrawood parlor in many years, and I don't know how long it will be before we get any more.  These are so beautiful, and so much fun to play.  Don't miss out on these great custom guitars.   
Larrivee P-03 Mahogany with Torch Headstock Inlay!
Just $1099!
Awesome Larrivee Parlor!

This is another awesome custom Larrivee parlor guitar.  This is a P-03 mahogany with an upgraded Torch headstock inlay.  The torch is one of my favorite inlays because it is very elegant and understated, and not too elaborate as to look out of place on the parlor.  The parlor is already an incredible value, and when you add the custom inlay work and keep the price affordable for every musician, you have a sure winner!  This may be the only P-03 Torch that we see this year!  

Larrivee L-02 Mahogany!  Awesome all solid-wood guitar for Only $949 Shipped!
Crazy Affordable!

On Sale $949!

This is an awesome Larrivee L-02 mahogany.  The L-02 is all solid wood like all of the Larrivee line, trades a one-piece neck for a 3 piece neck like on Taylor guitars, uses rosewood for the fretboard bridge and binding, and puts it all into one sweet guitar!  This L-02 is a bargain at $949.  This is a lot of guitar for not a lot of money.  There is no reason not to have a great, all solid, Made in the USA guitar at this price!